Women: How to Style a Clutch with Versatility

Women: How to Style a Clutch with Versatility

Many are of the idea that clutches are only meant for dressy night occasions, but with the various designs and sizes available nowadays, clutches can be styled day and night without you having to feel awkward about your look! All you need to do is to find the right way to accentuate your appearance with the clutch of your choice. Allow us to share 3 tips to better style clutches for women.

1. Mix and Match Your Clutch with Your Outfit

Don’t stress out and have fun instead! There are so many ways to mix and match your outfit with your favorite clutches, and here are some tricks for you to try:

(a) Denim wear - This is for those who love a more casual style whenever they go out. Just pick your favorite pair of jeans and rock it with any of your cute tops or shirts. Going with this style means that you can choose pretty much any of the clutches that you own to match with your outfit, be it the one with patterns, sequin, or even bolder color (e.g. red, black, etc.). 

(b) Monochromatic outfit - If you’re not so confident with your mix and match skill, it’s best that you go for a monochromatic look. You could wear an all-red outfit or an all-beige combo (just choose your favorite color) to be paired with a clutch of the same hue. This will give you a neat and sleek look altogether.

(c) Black outfit - This one is for those who have been collecting brightly-colored clutches along the way. Consider an all-black outfit to give your clutch the opportunity to stand out. If you’re going for a date or a dinner event, a black dress will work as the ultimate elegant base as you can just pick any vibrant clutch to be paired with your black apparel. Black is good.

(d) Laid-Back Street Outfit  - Calling all street fashionistas! This one’s for you. Baggy and slouchy outfits are back in trend in the fashion world. And it’s a perfect way to express your laid-back street style. Pick any of your oversized collared shirts and match it with a pair of denim jeans - maybe leave one front-end of the shirt untucked for an air of spontaneity. This is the time for you to style your envelope clutch or pouch bag for a high fashion look!

2. Adjust Your Look with The Size of Your Clutch

Well, there’s no one way that can dictate what size of clutch you should be wearing. However, it’s best that you match your body size and the size of your clutch accordingly. Wearing a clutch with the proportion for your body is a key factor that can either break or enhance your look.

If you're a petite person, it’s best that you go for a smaller to medium-sized clutch. An oversized clutch can make you look awkward and as if you’re struggling to carry it around. As for our plus-sized queens, you can opt for an oversized clutch as the smaller ones will only look too small in your world. You can even opt for a clutch with a chain strap in case you need your hands free.

3. Various Ways to Hold Your Clutch

You might laugh that such a tip exists, but it does give an impact to your overall look especially when you’re strolling down the aisle in style.

(a) Easy Grip - This is when you carry the clutch in one hand by your side. You’ll need to hold the top of the clutch to make it easier for you to carry the clutch while you walk. This is suitable if you’re styling a small or medium clutch that is lightweight.

(b) Under the Arm Grip - Exactly as the name describes it. This is usually the case for oversized clutches since they are used to carry more things and are heavier. The best position is definitely in the crook of your armpit so as to not make it look pesky or difficult.

(c) Both Hands Grip - If you’re standing still, like a celebrity on a red carpet, you can try to style this grip for a more instagrammable look. All you need to do is hold the clutch with both of your hands on either side. Make sure your fingers are kept together for a neater look.

And that’s it! It’s time to come in..clutch ;)


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