What Your Choice of Bag Says About You

What Your Choice of Bag Says About You

Bags come in all shapes and sizes, with different looks and styles that give off completely distinct vibes, especially when paired with the right outfit. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose a bag from the plethora of available designs and styles, and that’s before you even think about what outfit to wear! The great thing about bags is that they serve a functional purpose as well, and each type of bag has its own recommended functionality that pairs differently with your #ootd, so, let’s see what these bags say about you:

1. Tote Bag - The Assertive Believer

The Tote Bag belongs to the modern and independent individual. They usually have very strong opinions and are not afraid to let people know. After all, you know your goals and are trying your best to achieve them, so the tote bag is the perfect fit for you! While juggling all the things life throws at you, you find the best way to get what you want, the way you want it. The tote bag says to the world that you are hip, happening and are not just a pretty face, almost to symbolize a beauty with brains.

2. Backpack - The Adventurous Explorer

If the backpack is your bag of choice, then you are someone who likes to be prepared and have all your essentials and more, in an arm’s reach. That also means that you are ready to go on an adventure anywhere and everywhere at any time, just you and your trusty backpack. You prioritize your comfort and reliability in the things that you use, but also make sure to not lose your sense of fashion. You take the saying “form over function” and turn it on its head, believing that being fashionable does not mean being uncomfortable.

3. Cross-body Bag - Putting the “Fun” in Functional

“Before going out, I only need my keys, wallet and not much else.” Does this sound familiar to you? Then you are probably a fan of the cross-body bag! You are someone who tends to be subtle yet bold, practical yet fun-loving, and has an outgoing personality. Not many things faze you, but when they do, you don’t get too down in the dumps about it, because you believe that your happiness is important. You don’t get tied down by the material things around you, and live by the phrase of “less is more”.

4. Shoulder Bag - The Snazzy Socialite

Do your friends compare you to the Kardashians or other fabulous fashionistas of the world? Then you most likely have a collection of shoulder bags that you wear regularly. You usually dress to impress and make a little hobby out of turning heads and snatching weaves. The shoulder bag acts as a status symbol that you can carry around, and is the perfect fashion statement for you to show off what you got. If looks could kill, it probably came from you.

5. Clutch Bag - The Femme Fatale

Like things light and fast, but still in touch with your feminine side? The clutch bag is the one for you! There’s a high chance that you’re the wholesome friend but also the party animal in your friend group. You’re a sweetheart and maybe a little shy, but this doesn't mean that you’re a softie! You know your heart, and the heart wants what it wants, so you’re not afraid to walk to the beat of your drum. You can be the life of the party if you want to be, but also enjoy the simpler things in life, like the smell of coffee in the morning or the first french fry out of the bag.

6. Wallet - The Idealistic Optimist

Keeping positive and always hoping for the best are traits shared by the wallet carriers of the world. Wallet fans usually assume that their wallet is all they need and nothing more. If this rings a bell, then you may value your freedom above a lot of things in life, to not be weighed down by anything or anyone. You are usually a carefree, easy going and laid back person, not letting your upbeat personality be dimmed by the things around you. You are the personification of Live, Laugh and Love, in all the things you do.

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