What Do Your Accessories Say About You?

What Do Your Accessories Say About You?

Ever wondered what your favorite accessories actually say about your personality? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we are about to unveil the secret behind 5 fashion statements commonly donned as accessories. Be prepared because you might find something interesting and relatable ;)

1. Bracelets & Bangles

Wearing bracelets and bangles is a fun way to express your inner persona as they come in different styles and colors, to complement your various fashion needs. If you’re into bracelets and bangles, chances are that you are a creative person or simply a chatterbox. Creative souls are believed to love to have their bracelets in multiple layers so as to create a unique arrangement which is distinct to their personality. As for the verbally expressive and talkative people, you will see them having fun with their animated hand gestures that highlight the accessories as they strike a conversation.

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2. Earrings

It’s safe to say that the people who take on the world with earrings as their favorite accessory are the ones with bold personalities. Earrings will help you make a statement wherever you go, thus, having them close to your facial features certainly draws attention to your lovely face. This isn’t saying that you are an attention seeker, it just means that you know very well how to grab attention without even trying ;) Plus, these accessories are also known to give you a classy and elegant look as you make your entrance before the public.

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3. Scarves

If blings are not your thing, chances are that scarves could be the go-to accessory to amp up your style. We’re not talking about the warm winter scarves that everyone wears during christmas, we’re talking about  the vibrant stylish scarves made of satin or silk - to name a couple - donned even in the heat of summertime. If you are a scarf lover, you are most likely a humble fashionista who is on the serious side of everything fashion. And you are just as spontaneous as your draped scarves!

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4. Handbags

Those who opt for handbags as their main fashion accessory are mostly opinionated and confident. I mean, you don’t get a particular handbag with a distinct color and shape by accident do you? You must have known what you wanted and why you wanted it. You portray a strong self image as you carry the stylish fabric looking like you have important places to be at and people to meet - like you have really gotten your life together. Good job!

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5. Watches

Though it’s not necessarily true, watch wearers are seen as those who appreciate time. And to them, the beautiful timepiece on their wrist does more than just tell time as it can also be seen as a status symbol. In a way, it defines you as a successful individual who strives hard to earn something you’ve been chasing for. If you are a fan of smartwatches, people are most probably going to view you as a tech-savvy person who's up-to-date with the latest technology in the market, or sometimes just a poser, so watch out (pun intended). In more professional settings, a watch adds great value in being taken more seriously. I guess it’s just the standards that have been set by society.


That’s all we’ve got for you in this sharing. Stay tuned for more fashion-related stuff from us!