The Artist: Why Being Dubbed “A Creative Individual” Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

The Artist: Why Being Dubbed “A Creative Individual” Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

“Every person has the means to be creative. But very few are creative enough to use them.”

If the phrase above rings true in your mind, then fear not, dear reader, for it certainly applies to all of us as a whole. The simple truth is that we are all born with a metaphorical “creative gene” in our bodies. Even from an early age, our abilities to perceive and learn are a direct expression of the creativity we have in hand. It is said that babies are the most creative beings of all, as their innocence governs their outlook on life through colorful explorative actions. Therefore, it is our duty, as well as the duty of our caregivers, to either choose to nurture the creative side of ourselves or discard it altogether.

Why Being Creative Is A Blessing

As creative individuals, we are blessed with a keen sense of observing things around us far more profoundly than someone who is not. It is from this observation, and later comprehension, that we are then gifted with the insight that would then propel our skills in the arts to newer heights. It allows us the power of creation, and by creating, we are sharing a piece of ourselves with the world, and in some cases, as a rare form of commodity from which we can garner the adequate remuneration from to live a wholesome life. Furthermore, expressing one’s creativity is also linked to the feelings of being free with ourselves, free from the trappings of the daily grind, and putting us in a state of feeling content with ourselves that is far more satiating than mere grunt work could ever hope to achieve.

Why Being Creative Is A Curse

It is often said that “to be creative is to be alone”. While this sentence certainly puts a damper on our creative minds when taken at face value, there is a deeply rooted truth to this phrase that often plagues many an artist. To put it simply, being creative can be a source of insecurity for many, especially when the said individual is not provided with the necessary outlets to express one’s artistic prowess. In addition, the entire process of creating is a giant mind game within the mind of the creator themselves, as we are undoubtedly known for being our own worst critics.

In Conclusion

It is this dichotomy, or more appropriately, duality, within us creative individuals that oftentimes gets in the way of our ability to reach our full potential, thereby causing the feelings of frustration and anxiety to creep up when we are at our most vulnerable: in the process of creating. That being said, if one can truly set aside the dozens of voices inside our own heads that keep holding us back, we can rest assured in knowing that our creativity would remain unspoiled and ready for the whole world to see.