Stone Paper vs Traditional Tree Paper: Which is better?

benefits of stone paper

First and foremost, what is stone paper?

Stone paper is a non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly alternative to regular tree paper that is made from a combination of stone minerals; mainly calcium carbonate. It has been in development for many years and will probably be optimized further in future, but currently it works extremely well as an alternative option to regular paper. In recent years, many startups have adopted stone paper technology to create stonebooks or stone notebooks and there have been no complaints about the functionality of stone paper. It is also recyclable.

Stone paper vs regular tree or pulp paper:

1. How is stone paper made?

Regular paper is made from tree pulp, whereby cellulose fibers are extracted and mixed with water, and then using a paper making machine, the pulp is formed, dried, and cut. Stone paper is basically mineral paper that goes through a similar process. Limestone and rocks are crushed to form calcium carbonate powder, and the powder is processed together with non-toxic high density polyethylene. The process typically does not require any water or bleach, and many companies opt for solar energy as the source of energy to process stone paper. The processed material is then formed and cut using a stone paper making machine, just like regular paper.

2. What are the benefits of stone paper?

There are numerous benefits to using stone paper. Although products that are made with stone paper can be a bit more expensive, they are functionally a lot better than regular pulp paper. Here are some of the benefits:

i) Writing on stone sounds like a ridiculous idea, but on the contrary, stone paper is actually just as easy to write on, if not easier. It absorbs less ink from your average pen, and feels exactly the same as regular paper.

ii) Stone paper is extremely durable and will not be damaged by water, mud, abrasive usage, oil, grease, or the wear and tear of daily usage.

iii) Stone paper is also acid-free, which means it will not discolor or become yellowish over time.

iv) It’s made from sustainable materials, and it’s recyclable.

3. In conclusion, is stone paper really better than regular paper?

Functionally, stone paper is definitely a lot better than regular paper, and it is made with more sustainable materials. But, it is more expensive than pulp paper and is not as easy to obtain. Whether or not it is better, depends on a multitude of factors. It’s probably not the best option if you require paper in bulk, but it does make a really good notebook or journal.