How to Accessorize Your Handbag: 4 tips for Creating a Stylish Look

accessorizing your handbag

Handbags are an essential for any woman. Although some prefer other types of bags like backpacks and so on, you get the point. But, how you accessorize your handbag can make all the difference for its look. Here are 4 tips for creating a stylish look with your handbag:

1. Add a Pop of Color

If you have a neutral or nude colored handbag, add a pop of color with something like a colorful scarf. This will make your bag stand out and add a fun element to your look. Most handbags come with their own accessories and accents like a metal chain or buckle, or a dangling keychain. Depending on the type of handbag and what’s right for you, there is no harm in adding on to that.

2. Play with Textures

Mix and match textures to create an interesting look. For example, pair a leather handbag with a silk scarf or a woven basket bag with a beaded keychain. This is of course suitable for your daily bag and probably not so suitable for a formal event, so, use something that can be easily removed.

3. Mix Metals

Don't be afraid to mix metals when accessorizing your handbag. Gold and silver can work well together, especially when combined with other textures like leather or fabric. Most bags come with metal parts that are either made of or plated with either one, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add on. For example, a gray handbag with silver metal parts can be elevated in aesthetic feel with added rose gold accents.

4. Personalize Your Bag

Add a personal touch to your handbag with monogramming or custom patches. This can make your bag unique and truly yours. For your daily bag or your casual evening bag, it’s always nice to personalize its look. Remember that once you decide to personalize your handbag, it becomes truly yours and may hold as much value if you decide to sell it.

Don’t be afraid to try these tips. If you’re new or iffy about the whole idea, you can experiment with temporary add ons. Don’t stress out too much when trying different accessories and styles because after all, it is supposed to be fun. Happy styling!