How Bedroom Colors Affect Your Mood

How Bedroom Colors Affect Your Mood

The truth is out: your bedroom is intrinsically linked to the mood that you are in. After all, you will, more often than not, begin and end your days in your bedroom. This is essentially why proper care must be taken when considering the right color scheme for your place of rest, as it can place various degrees of quality on both your sleep and wake cycles. Furthermore, your bedroom will often be associated with the place you spend most of your time being in, and therefore, it could become a difficult place of rest should you surround yourself with clashing tones in both decor and wall color.

The Dangers of Having Vibrant Color Schemes for Your Bedroom

For instance, picture yourself coming home one evening, after a long day at the office. As the night draws to a close, you find yourself making your way to your bedroom to get some much-needed shut-eye. However, much to your surprise, you are unable to fall asleep as your bedroom is adorned with vibrant wall colors that burn into your retinas before you have had the chance to turn down the lights. This vibrant energy generated by the color scheme has now precluded your necessary sleep schedule and thereby affecting your general sense of mood when you awake, which can cause a further downward spiral throughout the day if you are not too careful.

The Best Way to Decorate Your Bedroom

Therefore, what we recommend when it comes to painting or decorating your bedroom to boost your mood and general well-being is to opt for colors that are on the cooler to the more neutral side of the color spectrum. These colors include hues to anywhere from light green to blue, or from pink to grey. These colors are often categorized under the “soothing” section of the color palette, as they are shown to psychologically relax the mind and put the body at ease as you begin winding down for the day.

If you find greys to come across as a little too cold for your personality, then why not opt for a shade of light purples, such as that of lavender or lilac, as it will most certainly bring about a relaxing atmosphere for you to unwind in. The undoubtedly no-go colors for any bedroom are those that we consider too “hot” for the eyes, such as bright reds and oranges, as these colors are shown to excite the mind and therefore defeat the purpose of creating the ideal place of rest for you.

Of course, we would be remiss if we neglected to mention that all of this is not an exact science, for there are other factors at play to determine the right bedroom color scheme for you, such as your own individual personality and personal preferences towards what you, yourself, may deem to be the perfect look for your resting space. Still, we believe that the careful consideration of color scheme for your bedroom warrants a second look, as there are certainly no drawbacks to choosing the tried and tested color palettes that have worked for many people across the globe.