Handmade Gifts: What Makes Them Special?

homemade gifts

Finding the right gift for that special someone in your life is an extreme sport, especially if they already pretty much have everything they need and aren’t easy to please. Simply getting the most expensive gift you can afford will not necessarily translate as a good gift. Perhaps what they’re looking for is something beyond a price tag and popular brand. We’re talking authenticity and sincerity here, a combination you don’t easily find in factory-made products, but can be achieved through a well thought out handmade gift!

So, what makes handmade creations extra special? Let’s take a look:

1. Sincerity

Handmade gifts are a great key to unlocking someone’s heart. Why? Because they’re made with something far more valuable than money - time, and more importantly, with love and sincerity. Knitting threads of their favorite colors into a lovely scarf for instance usually tops getting an expensive store-bought scarf, and on top of that, you get to personalize it with a message, their initial or name, or anything you find from their character to incorporate into the design. It sure feels good when someone remembers small details about you and even better when they go out of their way to make something special out of those details.

2. Originality

Because it’s handmade, it’s safe to say that it’s one of a kind. Even if you crocheted two identical roses to be given to your best friends, one will be slightly different than the other because humans are naturally flawed and the imperfections from one design to another becomes the aspect that leads to originality. You might find the petals of the former rose to be slightly bigger than the latter or perhaps the leaves of the first rose are pointier than the second one, but that’s a great thing, because they each have their own unique feature distinct to them.

3. Eco-friendly

We don’t call it handmade if it comes out of a machine that leaves behind a large carbon footprint. It’s a product of your creative mind, good heart, and delicate hands, and with that combination, you create a wonderful gift that is both more meaningful and with minimal waste. As an additional effort, you can opt to use recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed materials to save cost and of course, be a good friend to the environment.

4. Support Local Artisans

Though it might be more special to craft the gift on your own, not everybody has the luxury of time on their hands to commit to such a project. So, the next best option would be to buy a handmade gift from a local artisan. That doesn’t make your gift any less thoughtful, in fact, you can be at peace knowing that you are also supporting a skillful artisan who will definitely do a good job. Plus, buying handmade gifts from local artists is a good way to give back to the community and at the same time encourage them to do more of what they love in the future.

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