Amazonite: All You Need to Know About This Gemstone

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When you came across the words ‘amazonite stone' for the first time, what were your thoughts? Did you think that it was a stone harvested from the Amazon rainforest in South America? Well, it’s not, but there is some relation, and unless you’re a geologist, alchemist, or someone who’s into gemstones, your guess may or may not be true. So, today, we’re going to dive deep into the world of amazonite and uncover the beauty behind this bluish-green feldspar mineral!

The History of Amazonite

It is believed that the Ancient Egyptians were the ones who first discovered this mineral stone. It is dated back as far as the 10th century BC where it was found in archaeological excavations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The gem was initially called “Amazon Stone” (named after the Amazon River) before it evolved into “Amazonite”. There was also an attempt to call the blue-green gemstone “Amazon jade”, but it was more of a misnomer as it suggests a different and more valuable identity which is jade.

Legend has it that amazonite was used to line the shields of the mythical warrior princesses from Amazon. The grace and awesomeness of amazonite was further showcased as the gemstone was also found adorning the tombs of King Tutankhamun who ruled the New Kingdom of Egypt.

*Fun Fact: Amazonite’s chemical formula is KAlSi3O8

What is it Used for?


Amazonite is believed to possess healing properties brought upon by its metaphysical powers. Its soothing effect, for example, is said to be effective in soothing the nervous system by reducing tense and aggravated emotions as well as enhancing love in an individual. Other than that, amazonite is also used to treat fatigue and trauma as it is believed to reduce negative energy that overcomes positive energy in the body. Some also use this gem as a medicine to help with the healing of thyroid glands, thanks to its gentle healing properties.


Just like jade and other precious mineral stones, amazonite is often associated with luck, success, and good fortune to whoever that wears it. As mentioned previously, this gemstone has the power to keep one’s emotions at ease, therefore, it is commonly worn as a pendant for a necklace, allowing the stone to dangle around the area of the heart where feelings accumulate. Aside from necklaces, you will also find it being cut into cabochons for earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. Plus, its lovely blue-green color goes well with silver, so, it’s easier to find Amazonite as a silver jewelry rather than gold.

And that’s  pretty much it. Hope you learnt something new about Amazonite today! ;)


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