7 Christmas Essentials You Need

Christmas Essentials

Christmas is a jolly, jolly time. Families and friends get together, hosts love entertaining their guests, and everyone is just in such a happy mood all around. But let’s not forget that being the most looked forward to season of the year, a lot goes into preparing ourselves and our homes for the year end holiday season. So, let’s take a look at some of the essentials you need for Christmas.

1. Lights, lights, and More Lights

An extremely easy way to create the right setting for Christmas is by adding strings of lighting around the house. Whether they are colorful string lights, or the variety of fairy lights available in the market today. lights bring the right atmosphere. Wrap lights around your Christmas tree, lay them on your lawn, set them up on the roof - there are so many things you can do with just lights. On top of that, they are pretty easy to find and not very expensive. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new setups with lights.

2. Tables and Chairs for Guests and Visitors

It’s the holiday season, it’s Christmas, and whether you usually have guests over or not, if you are going to spend Christmas at home, you can expect people over. Try to get hold of foldable chairs and tables that you can easily store in the attic or in a storage space. In fact, they will come in handy during other occasions as well, so it’s definitely a good idea to consider investing in some tables and chairs for Christmas this time around. If you don’t wish to spend on your own tables and chairs because they may be underutilized, try to ask your neighbors or nearby friends if they’re willing to lend you some just in case.

3. Blankets, Quilts, Aghans, and Any of the Sort

Especially if you are spending Christmas during winter, blankets are essential. They may be even more essential if you have family and friends coming over who are not so familiar with the cold of your area. Blankets, quilts, and afghans also double as decorative pieces that you can use all year round around your home. If you need to store them in an easily accessible space, get a couple of rattan or wooden baskets and leave them where your guests would be able to access them easily.

4. Mugs and Hot Drinks to Go with Them

It’s a cozy season, and if there’s anything that can make it even better, it’s nice hot or warm drinks. The mugs don’t need to match. They can be mugs from the dollar store and serve just as well. But don’t forget to get the drinks ready too. Depending on where you are, you and your guests may enjoy either a variety of tea, maybe hot chocolate, and even warm wine or cider in some areas.

5. Serving Trays and Dishware

Well serving trays aren’t exactly essentials, but if you are going to be having people over for Christmas, you wanna make sure that you have enough dishware and trays to serve your guests - and while you’re thinking about it, why not get trays to match your own Christmas decor and theme?

6. Board Games or Card Games

We get it, after a while of chatting and catching up, you might want to try something else. We highly recommend getting board games or card games that allow many people to play at the same time. Sure, gaming consoles work too, but there isn’t much fun with only two people taking turns and playing while the rest hang around. There are many card games and board games that allow up to 10+ players, and with the Christmas sales around the corner, it might be a good idea to consider getting a couple of games.

7. Snacks. Really. Plenty of Snacks

This is probably the most important one if you're hosting a Christmas party of friends and family. It's cold out and as the night progresses, the hunger increases. Surely the Christmas spread is excellent, but it would be wise not to underestimate the hunger build up over a few hours of good times and good vibes. Ensure that your house has enough snacks to keep the hungry happy, and to keep the full greedy. Snacks are no brainer.