5 Surprising Health Benefits of Knitting

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Knitting

If you think knitting is only for grandmas and stay-at-home moms, think again. These days, even an Olympic diver knits (yes, we are talking about Tom Daley of Great Britain)! And knitting, just like any other activity that requires you to focus on one thing at a time, has a lot of surprising health benefits.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Thanks to the repetitive movements while knitting, the release of serotonin is improved. The repetitive motion is also attributed as a form of meditation where knitters find themselves lost in a peaceful sanctuary. They are able to enjoy what they are doing in the present moment and need not fret about what might come soon. Plus, sitting still while knitting helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure and this can be a wonderful method to keep your anxiety from building up.

2. Improves Motor Functions

Though people might see knitting as a slow-moving activity (well, it is), it is proven to stimulate almost all parts of the brain at once, and this include the parietal, frontal, occipital and temporal lobes as well as the cerebellum. And due to this, those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease might find knitting to be handy as it helps to refine their motor skills/functions.

3. Keeps Arthritis Away

We’re not making this up. Knitting really does help keep arthritis and tendinitis at bay. How, you ask? Well, the action of moving the joints of your fingers while knitting actually forces the fluid to move in and out of the surrounding, sponge-like cartilage. This in return helps to maintain the hydration in your joints and minimize the risk of arthritis. It is also recommended for people who already have arthritis to soak their hands in warm water and start knitting using larger needles to help ease their joints movement.

4. Enhances Focus/Concentration

If you have trouble focusing on one thing, we recommend you try knitting. Through knitting, you are given the chance to work on something tangible where progress can be seen immediately at the present moment. And this greatly improves the desire to complete your masterpiece, thus, giving you a better concentration on the task at hand.

5. Refines Memory

According to a study by Mayo Clinic, knitting may reduce the risk of Alzheimder’s by 30% - 50%. This is made possible via the learning of new skills, especially more difficult ones, which require focused attention in the process. The active brain cells are the key in helping prevent Alzheimer’s. Apart from that, you can also build nerve networks that protect against the disease as knitting helps to enhance your hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, the errors you make while knitting will teach you to recall what not to repeat and better strategize your technique in the future.

Hope you learned something beneficial about knitting today!

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