5 Signs You’re A Minimalist

5 Signs You’re A Minimalist

In this day and age, there have been plenty of varying styles of décor that individuals have chosen to either dress up or dress down their homes. One particular style of home décor that has become very popular in the 21st century is that of a minimalist home décor. For those that are not fully aware, a minimalist décor is just as its name suggests; decorating one's home with only the most minimal of paraphernalia.

With that being said, here are five signs that you, yourself, could be what is known as a minimalist when it comes to your home decor:

1. You enjoy the concept of space

Now, we do not mean space in the cosmic sense here. What we truly mean is that a minimalist enjoys having his or her home showcasing a room whereby there is very little in the way of obstruction of the physical space itself from what the eye can see. The rooms in this home often look large and spacious, with lots of air movement, even if the actual space itself is far from being big in the physical sense.

2. You choose neutral tones

One important element in being a minimalist is in the color schemes that you choose to adorn your home in. A minimalist, by nature, will always choose to have their homes dressed down in more neutral color schemes that are not intended to excite the eye. This can create an atmosphere that is somewhat calming and soothing for the home, as it removes any form of vibrance that would unconsciously distract the eye and thus, break the spell of minimalism.

3. You value quality over quantity

Just because minimalists enjoy having lesser items of furniture in their path; it does not mean that the items they choose to decorate their homes with are cheap, far from it. Instead, a minimalist will most often than not, choose to invest in décor that is both tasteful and pricy to provide an aesthetic that is both expensive yet simple.

4. You value good storage solutions

For many a minimalist, the idea of keeping a space looking simple and easy on the eyes means that you place value on good storage solutions. A minimalist would always take into account keeping what would normally be household clutter hidden behind carefully built-in storage units either under the bed or in near-invisible cabinetry throughout the home so as not to disturb the minimalist space.

5. You like to keep it simple

Last but certainly not least, if you like keeping your décor simple, then chances are you are a minimalist. This “keep it simple” rule allows you to maintain a space that is open and peaceful to the mind and heart, as less is certainly more in a minimalist world. Furthermore, your décor choices would be seen to complement the current aesthetic instead of adding to it, making each item of furniture in your home necessary for being there in the first place.

With all that being said, are you a minimalist?