5 Must-Have Kitchen Towels You Didn’t Know You Needed

Types of kitchen towels

A kitchen is incomplete without kitchen towels, no matter how fancy it is. Spillage in the kitchen is inevitable and your dishes need to be dried out after the wash. And this is where kitchen towels come in, ready to wipe out the messes in your kitchen! So, today, we’re going to list out 5 must-have kitchen towels you should consider.

1. Terry Towel

Super soft and the best when it comes to absorbing liquid spills. Though it is a great option at sopping up water, drying your hands, and cleaning around the high chair, it’s important to note that this type of towel will leave behind lint or fibers due to it being fluffy and dense. Therefore, try your best not to use it for polishing materials such as stainless steel or glass.

2. Flat-Weave Towel

A flat-weave towel is slimmer than a terry towel but it is absorbent enough to effectively wipe down countertops. This type of towel is also suitable to be used as a napkin, or to wrap bread and herbs. Unlike terry towels, flat-weave towels do not leave any lint or fibers behind, making it the best option when it comes to polishing your stainless steel appliances.

3. Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is always ready for any quick cleaning task in your kitchen. If you want it to pick up germs, grimes, and small crumbs, use it wet. If it’s to wipe down dust on the other hand, use it dry. Microfiber towels are also lint-free and won’t streak. So, you can use it on your stainless steel utensils or mirrors in the kitchen with a better cleaning effect.

4. Dish Towel

Just as the name suggests, dish towels are meant to clean and dry off dishes. They are very absorbent and leave no trace of lint. Just be sure to separate them from other kitchen towels as you do not want to accidentally wipe your dishes with something you just used to wipe your stove or sink. Ew.

5. Tea Towel

Taking the less heavy side of the kitchen job is the decorative tea towel. It’s usually made of linen and is used to dry small kitchen items such as cutleries. Apart from wiping, you can also place it in a dish, say, if you’re serving muffins or scones. Due to its limited functionality and pretty designs, tea towels are generally used for decorative purposes alongside your tea set.

And now you know your kitchen towels!