5 Helpful Tips To Stay Creatively Motivated

5 Helpful Tips To Stay Creatively Motivated

As a creator, it feels exhilarating when you’re in the middle of a passion project. Whether it be adding details into a new murder-mystery story, putting the finishing brush strokes on a painting, or feeling the heat of the kiln from a freshly finished piece of pottery, we have all felt that rush in the final stages of our creative process. When that feeling goes away, we end up tired and running low on our creative juices. Yet, we still have that itch to scratch, but no motivation. Well, here are some tips that can help you to stay creatively motivated!

1. Schedule Short, Focused Periods for Your Craft - After working on your craft for so long, it's very easy for a burnout to set in. It is the plague of the artist, and so many go through it. So, as an example, if you’re an author and trying to get around writer’s block, try to take a proper break and set some time along the day or week in your schedule for a short and intensive brainstorming session for yourself. Meanwhile, forget about what you need to write and focus on other things like chores or other hobbies. You can pick your craft back up when you feel mentally refreshed. Letting your brain relax will help with replenishing your creativity, and relieving some pressure and tension in your mind.

2. Reach Out to Friends, Family, or Peers - Whether your art is based around working with other people or focused on a lot of solo work, try talking to your peers and friends about your creative process along and see if they have any input on your work. It may not come naturally for some, but discussing it with a friend or fellow artist can help you through your creative block, and you might just get some useful advice on your work or your process that comes in handy when you return to your work.

3. Revisit Your Favorite Artists and Art - Remember the time when you had just started on your creative passion? Everything was brand new and exciting, and for most, it was a time of discovery of our favorite art and artists, getting inspiration, and falling in love with crafts. Consider a revisit to that time. This could be the chance to recall what made you get into art in the first place, and as your artistry has matured, maybe this time you will find inspiration and motivation from things that were missed before.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Droning on and sticking to the same repetitive routine can burden our mind. It’s almost always a good idea to try something unfamiliar and get out of our comfort zone. Add a twist to things, throw a wrench in the works, and think of things you’ve always wanted to try, and actually do them. It helps when you put yourself in a different mind space and gain new perspectives. The world of art is limitless and it’s there for us all to explore.

5. Acknowledge How Much You Have Accomplished - Through getting caught up in the humdrums of daily life, it’s easy for us to lose sight of things and see how far we’ve come, how much we have actually accomplished. Overthinking can be harmful, so try to take a step back and look at your work from a distance. You will see how much you have actually learned and achieved, and it would be a lot more than you thought you would. Many of us have come a long way and we owe it to ourselves to take a little pride in our skills and achievements. Share your work with others through any medium you feel comfortable with. Hear what people have to say and see for yourself that you are a lot more capable than you give yourself credit for.