5 Colors Styles that Will be Trending in 2023

Color Trends of 2023

Fiery Orange-Reds

Benjamin Moore announced its 2023 Color of the Year as Raspberry Blush, a fiery red-orange that's basically the color of a really good sunset that you will remember for a long time. The high-spirited color marks yet another year of encouragement for homeowners to explore warm and lively colors.. “We've had colors that are on the cooler side of the color wheel for a number of years, and now we're really starting to see a shift to the warmer colors,” says Andrea Magno, color marketing and development director at Benjamin Moore.

Vibrant Magenta

What can we say about Magenta? It’s a hue of what seems like purple that is derived from red, but with a generous amount of vibrance. It is another daring choice of color for us to explore in the year 2023 and rightfully so, as we have the support of Pantone Color Institute, naming Viva Magenta as their color of the year. Magenta, with delicate hints of purple, is a versatile color that can complement various color schemes, ranging from richer jewel tones to lighter earthy tones, seamlessly..

Warm Neutrals

Behr, a highly-rated and award winning paint company chose Blank Canvas as its Color of the Year for 2023 because warm neutrals provide a sense of wellness and comfort, and they can be seamlessly incorporated into any design style. According to Erika Woelfel, Behr's vice president of color and creative services, white is an excellent base color for individual style because of its versatility. By adding other colors, textures, patterns, and materials, white can be personalized easily.

Rosy Brown-Beige

Sherwin-Williams has chosen a more earthy tone called Redend Point as its 2023 Color of the Year. According to Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, this blush-beige color aligns with the current macro trends of empathy and care culture. The color can be seen in a sipping room designed by Jean Liu.

Bright Resin-Amber

York Wallcoverings has chosen Amber as its Color of the Year for 2023, inspired by deeply saturated hues found in nature, ranging from tropical flowers to carbon. According to Carol Miller, the trend and color expert for York Wallcoverings, Amber, an organic gemstone made from tree resin, is often associated with absorbing negative energy and releasing bright, soothing energy. When this color catches the light, it exudes a sense of renewal, energy, and power.