5 Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (2022)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Though most moms would insist on not wanting anything for Mother’s day, you can be sure that deep down they do appreciate being appreciated and that there will be a surge of joy in the household as soon as they receive a surprise gift from their children. And that’s our mission for today - to help you choose the best gift for the supermom in your life!

Here are things you can consider getting them on May 8th this year.

1. A Vase

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Flowers are great, but they are mainstream. So, why not level up your gifting game with a vase to accompany the flowers? Delight your mom with the graceful presence of a new and unique vase decorated with fresh flowers in her room first thing first in the morning. Next time she receives flowers, be rest assured that your gifted vase will be complemented with the fresh set of flowers as she changes the wilted plants with the new ones. Or, if she’s into a vintage-like vibe, a vase fitted with dried flowers would be awesome too. The best part, we know where to find just the right vase for her. Check out this unique ceramic vase by RAAQUU.

2. Drink Coasters

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A dirty coffee table is what usually pushes mom’s just over the edge. I mean, all day cleaning and now we have water rings on the table? Wake us up from this nightmare. So, let’s save our moms the headache by ensuring that they have enough drink coasters around the house - the champions at preventing ring marks, scratches, and nicks from any tables. There are plenty of cool coasters to choose from these days and some even allow you to embed a custom wish, name, or message according to your liking. Her next tea sesh with her besties will be even more tea-rrific as she gets to show off her new coasters and no longer has to worry about cleaning afterwards. And yes, of course we have a few rustic suggestions for you. Check out these coasters by Summa Summa.

3. Earrings

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

People who say nothing lasts forever clearly don’t own enough jewelry. And to match that energy and showcase your forever love for your mom, jewelry would make an amazing gift for mom. Mom deserves a gift that lasts til’ the end of time and is also able to make her feel special anytime she decides to use it. Take note of the latest diamond or gemstone she had her eyes on and get her something similar if you can, or just replace the old ones with something elegant but not too pricey. Mom will feel more appreciated knowing that you pay attention to what she likes. So, without further ado and if you’re on a budget, here’s a selection of beautiful earrings by Jas & Co.

4. A Coin Pouch

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Often see your mom struggling to search for that one last penny as she rummages through her handbag whenever the cashier asks her if she has exact change? Well, it’s time to change that. What we have here is an elegant solution to the problem, in the form of a new and cute coin pouch by Bingka.KL, the perfect size for her spare change and credit cards. There are other shapes and colors to choose from, so choose whichever you think suits her personality best.

5. Scrunchies

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your mom has long hair and loves to style hers in a ponytail or bun, a box of scrunchies might actually be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Try presenting her with a bunch of scrunchies with her varying favorite colors and watch her have fun styling her hair with a different color every day. And again of course, we have an awesome selection for you to choose from. Take a look at these hand crocheted scrunchies by Benang. Indeed, it is important to ensure that your gift is both memorable and functional because moms are practical people!


Hope this helps. All the best with your last minute Mother’s Day gift hunting ;)