10 Living Room Trends of 2023

living room trends 2023
It's that time of the year again. The time to make some changes to our living room so we feel like we have a brand new home. Changes to your living space don't necessarily have to be expensive, so here are 10 ideas to explore.
1. Bolder and more Vibrant Color Schemes
This year, living rooms are expected to be present with eye-catching color combinations that instantly elevate the aesthetic appeal and character of the space. Strong shades of purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, and maybe even dark orange will steal the show as accent walls or obvious furniture pieces, creating a lively atmosphere.
2. Minimalism, but with a bit of Spice
Minimalism continues to be a popular design trend, with a focus on clean lines, simple forms, and neutral hues. However, this year, minimalism is getting a fun and eclectic update, with unique lighting fixtures, statement artwork, and texture-rich accents.
3. Natural Elements, as Always

Natural elements like wood, stone, and plants remain a top trend in the year 2023. From hardwood floors to exposed brick walls, these organic materials meet the need to create a semi-industrial theme, and at the same time help to create a warm and inviting environment. And as always, plenty of greenery in the form of houseplants, succulents, and herb gardens, are a must to bring to life any living room.

4. Textured Furniture and Add-Ons

Shaggy rugs, plush velvet couches, and furniture of that sort, textured fabrics are expected to make a big impact on living rooms this year. The tactile appeal of these materials creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, making it the perfect place to curl up with a good book accompanied by hot chocolate, or to host a movie night with friends.

5. Environmentally Friendly Living 

Sustainability is not a new trend and has grown to become a top priority for homeowners. Today, this trend can be seen reflected in household designs. From eco-friendly furniture to energy-efficient lighting, people are making choices that are not only stylish, but also environmentally responsible.

6. Smart Home Technology

This is my personal favorite. Smart home technology is here to stay. From smart switches, automated curtain rails, living rooms are becoming smarter and more connected than ever before. With so many options to choose from that offer an array of services from voice-activated virtual assistants to home automation systems, streamlining daily routines has never been so easy. And, they mostly come in minimalistic designs, which means they fit into any living room theme.

7. Multi-Functional Furniture

Especially for smaller living spaces, multi-functional furniture has become more and more popular. Pieces like ottomans with built-in storage, coffee tables with pull-out beds, sectionals with recliners, and even more sophisticated designs like pull-down dining sets are helping to maximize the utilization of limited spaces without compromising on the functionality and design.

8. Daring Wall Art Pieces

Transform your living room instantly with a statement piece. It is often underestimated how a really nice and bold art piece can elevate your living space. Whether it’s an abstract painting, a gallery wall, or a tapestry, there is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to art. Choose something that resonates with you and both your guests and you will be able to enjoy it.

9. Audacious Ceiling Designs

It seems that bold ceiling designs are making a comeback. Although many still prefer a minimalistic finishing for their ceilings, the trend of more sophisticated, eye-catching finishes seem to be increasingly popular. Textured and painted ceilings with intricate moldings, exposed beams, and other daring designs definitely adds personality and style to your living rooms.

10. Unique Lighting

If I’m being honest, it’s tough to define unique when it comes to lighting. But unique lighting has been an ongoing trend for years now. Lighting is a key component of living room design, and this year, homeowners are expected to opt for more unique and visually extravagant fixtures. It also seems that due to the popularity of unique lighting, chandeliers may in fact make a comeback to complement sculptural table lamps and other intricately designed lighting around your living space.